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So you show up at the party, or have your own party, with a couple of  lovingly curated bottles of wine to add to the festivities. Wine is one of your interests and pleasures and it make you feel good to share this with friends. It’s not that you are seeking recognition; Ok well maybe just a touch if you are a true wine-geek, but it’s all for a good because, the happy-happy joy-joy good vino adds to any occasion. But inevitably your gifts get pushed into the wine-puppy-piles on the counter or in the cooler to meld into the beverage pond of the event. It’s not like you are upset, but as a wine lover, you probably wish just a little that your labor of love stood out just a bit for at least those who are wine-interested

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. Well, I’m here to tell you of a sure-fire way to get your vinous treasures a little party cred. Just bring a Big Bottle to the bash. That’s right a magnum or better yet a double-mag will be like a tractor beam drawing the wine-lovers and wine-curious alike to your elixir of joy.

Quick side note is that the origin stories of the official names of larger format bottles are some of the most interesting and history laden you can imagine. Not to kill the lead but some wine writer may be working on bringing that story to you as we speak.

BBs also come in handy when you really do want to make a wine-splash. Picture that high-roller client dinner where you order the BB of Napa goodness, BYOB networking event, Raffle or Door Prizes that impress, or the first-time invited to your mate’s family for a meal (make sure they like wine or they will just think you have a “problem” LOL). Great value-priced suggestions for warm-weather get-togethers are large format bottles of chilled Rosé or super-chilled BB Cavas or Proseccos.

For aging wines Magnums and larger bottles have proven over time to be superior to the standard 750 ml vessel. Most believe this is a result of less air exposure, although the science behind this is not exact, and it is probably more likely that it is the greater volume of wine that makes the difference. Anecdotally, after decades of collecting and tasting other’s collectibles, I am convinced size does matter as many side-by-side comparisons have proven BBs to be better. This comes in handy if you want to put away quality juice from a birth year, anniversary year, or graduation year. Fine wine from a meaningful time of your life can be a wonderful way to mark that moment.       

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