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We all know what qualifies as necessities for comfort and joy when the snow flies. Crackling fires, cozy slippers, and good company. For wine lovers, another must-have is a cache of full-bodied and heart-warming wines.
So let’s look at what it takes to qualify as a superior cold weather quaff.
To be a contender the vino has to be big, bold and spicy because frigid nights call for wines that can warm the bones as well as the heart. Qualification #2 is consistency because we don’t want to worry about whether we got the right vintage, and all of these beauties deliver year after year. Winter wines must also be widely available because who wants to run looking for a bottle on a dark and stormy night! Lastly, because we want to have plenty to share with friends and neighbors, we want a bargain so we set the budget at $20 or less.
Taste-Tested Winter Wonders #4 is the Tormaresco Neprica, is crafted from two ancient grapes of southern Italy plus a good dollop of Cabernet Sauvignon. The ancients are Negroamaro and Primitivo, AKA Zinfandel, which deliver deep and earthy dark berry aromas and flavors, while the Cabernet Sauvignon brings cassis, structure and finesse. This gem is a steal at $12.
#3 is one of the two of Petite Sirahs to make this list. This one comes from Four Vines Winery of Paso Robles where they have been committed to making fat and sassy wines since day one. Four Vines’ PS is always a mouth-filling and rewarding pour , but with the 2013 version these Paso producers have hit a home run with a powerful nose and a palate full of dark fruits, cranberry, refreshing acid and lively tannins.
Coming in at #2 is the 2013 Easton Zinfandel Amador County. While Bill Easton also makes single- vineyard Zins, his basic Amador County cuvee is the way to go for under $20. It is chock-full of plum pudding, cherries and earth, and while it easily fits into the blockbuster category this bottling also showcases Bill’s focus on balance and nuance

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At #1 is the 2013 Michael David “Petite-Petit” from Lodi. This is a vivacious, vivid and unique blend of 85% Petite Sirah and 15% Petit Verdot that is chock-full of rich and spicy berrys, hints of black pepper, as well as powerful notes of violet and licorice. But don’t just take my word for it, his wine was selected as #2 Wine of the Year by Wine Enthusiast adding to its credentials as the perfect “Baby it’s cold outside” wine.
So grab one or more of these big-boys, stoke the fire, gather some friends and Enjoy!

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