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IF YOU'RE READY TO LIGHTEN YOUR CELLAR, LET US FATTEN YOUR WALLET: We buy collections big and small. Up front quotes. We also provide professional up to date cellar assessment. This can assure you know when your wines are at their peak, what will create the best match for your special event or provide correct insurance value.
EVENTS SERVICES: Our Sommelier Services make your event exceptional! Weddings, Dinners, Tastings or any event you can imagine!
SERVICES FOR COLLECTORS: Don't take chances with your treasures. You want to be sure you are getting accurate and up to date information when selling, purchasing and establishing valuation of your fine wines. 30+ years of experience, expertise and ethics, assures that you will get what your lots are worth when selling, will buy the right wines at the right price or have an accurate valuation (now necessary for insurance).
KNOWLEDGE AND SELLING FOR INDIVIDUALS OR BUSINESSES: We'll teach you or your staff to understand and sell wine. In the New World of Food and Wine THIS is the go-to education
and certification you need and employers will be looking for.